Enriching Professional Practice

Enriching Professional Practice
Posted on 11/11/2020
Mrs. Rafferty using the Promethean Board while teaching PreK 4.

At St. Cassian School, we have robust staff development in place to support the wonderful work that our teachers do.  The training enables our teachers to have information at their fingertips as they implement the latest research-based strategies that impact student success.  Recently, our staff had the opportunity to participate in an excellent staff development session led by Ms. Joy B. Tolliver, titled:  We are All God's Children:  Maintaining an Environment of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.  Ms. Tolliver is the General Counsel for Essex County College and an expert in educational law.  She is also the parent of one of our fourth graders.

It was wonderful to hear Ms. Tolliver speak on the topics addressed in the workshop, as they relate so perfectly to our school theme for this year of "Love Your Neighbor".  We are thankful she was able to spend the time with us and share her expertise to enhance our practice.  Her workshop was also a great follow-up to the review of curriculum performed by our teachers this past summer.  The goal of the review was to ensure that multicultural diversity is highlighted and celebrated in our curriculum resources.

In addition to the training session with Ms. Tolliver, some of the recent sessions included:  Best Practices for Remote Instruction and Hybrid Instruction, Best Practices for Student Engagement, Reflecting on Teaching Practices,  and Technology Assisted Learning. 

Ms. Fedele providing individualized support to a student in person during hybrid learning

Ms. Bordogna teaching students remotely and in-person during hybrid learning


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