Our Technology Curriculum is designed to promote technological and information literacy as well as critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The vast technology resources available to students and faculty make both integration of technology across the curricula and targeted weekly instruction possible.   Through the integrative process, students are equipped with the necessary tools to generate, obtain, manipulate, and display information. During targeted weekly instruction in the technology lab or in class, students are taught a wide range of lessons from simple keyboarding and word processing to coding, robotics, 3D printing, video production, and architectural design.  These and other projects couple technology skills with literacy, the arts, and STEM.  In addition, our advanced technology implementation allows the school to use the "flipped classroom" approach to provide distance learning on snow days and during other emergency closings.


Some of the highlights of St. Cassian's Technology Program include:

  • A newly updated state-of-the-art STREAM Lab
  • One to One deployment of chrome books in grades 2 through 8 Middle School - every student is given their own device
  • One to One deployment of iPads equipped with numerous applications for academic subject integration for our Pre-K through grade 1 students
  • 3D printers
  • A Promethean Board in every classroom
  • SMART Table Technology in the Preschool
  •  Online student subscriptions to textbooks and resources in each core subject
  • The use of ClassWorks, a technology-based program, which provides an individualized learning plan of each student


St. Cassian School's preparedness during the pandemic demonstrated the school's commitment to providing its students the best education possiible under any circumstance. While students across the nation experienced learning loss due to the need for virtual learning, St. Cassian School students maintained their learning momentum. St. Cassian's capacity for technological integration was immediately expanded and enhanced through the purchase of several new devices to meet the demands of a blended learning model, which allowed for students attending school both in-person and remotely to receive instruction simultaneously.  In particular, all classrooms were equipped with: 

  • 50" monitors that displayed students connecting to class remotely and facilitated dialogue between all members of the class, regardless of whether they are attending in person or remotely.
  • High quality wireless microphones were purchased for all teachers to ensure that they could be heard crisply and clearly by all learners connecting from home. Simultaneously, the voices of remote learners were broadcast through the speakers of the interactive whiteboards so that those in-person could hear their contributions.
  • Webcams were purchased for each classroom and teacher laptops were upgraded to allow for classes to be live-streamed while teachers provided instruction simultaneously.
  • Document cameras were purchased to allow all print materials and demonstrations to be projected onto the Promethean Board and be seen easily by all students, those connecting remotely and in-person alike.  


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